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People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the fun and excitement of playing our interactive quiz show games. Starz Game Show questions are created for the average person and not for “rocket scientists”. Some games don’t require any prior knowledge at all, like Starz Feud or Starz Fortune. Give it a try at a venue near you soon, it’s FREE to play.
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Starz Buzz Quiz is a mix in the style of Jeopardy and Sale Of The Century. In this team game it’s fast hands on the “Buzzer”  to answer a variety of questions across six categories which may include audio, pictures, video, music and questions about a wide variety of interesting and topical subjects. Watch How To Play Starz Buzz Quiz
You can hire Starz Game Show for a weekly show in a club, pub, bar or restaurant Also available for single events, fund-raisers and private parties. Starz Game Show can be adapted to suit your individual needs, budget or special event. So call us to discover how you can hire this new, interactive and exciting entertainment.
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Starz Game Show - Starz Fortune
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